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Song Credits for Tumhari Mohabbat

🎧 Audio Credits :

🎼 Song Name : Tumhari Mohabbat

🎶 Music Composer : Javed – Mohsin

🎤 Singer’s : Stebin Ben & Chinmayi Sripada

📝 Lyrics by : Rashmi Virag


Tumhari Mohabbat Lyrics Translation

Saanson ko sukoon mile

jab jab tu mere saath chale 

( i found relief when you are with me )

sajde me jhuk jaata hoon

jab jab tera chehra dikhe

( i feel like to pray you when i saw your face )

tumse koi behtar hoga kya

tumhari mohabbat bemisaal sanam

(your love is incomparable there is nobody better than you )

mohabbat me laakhon hain kamaal sanam 

(there is thousand miraclesare in your love )

likha jo khuda ne 

use sach maankar

nahin main karoonga kuch sawaal sanam

(i will never questions your love accepting that it is written by god )

kuch sawaal sanam kuch sawaal sanam

husn pe berukhi yaar ye jachti nahin

(jigar na jala de to aag ye lagti nahin

(its not feel good to get upset on beautifull face

and it never feels like fire when it never burns your heart)

sharam he isliye khulke main kehti nahin

haan magar jaanlo tum nahin to main nahin

tumse badhkar koi hoga kya

(i never says because of shyness but understand this i am just for you there is noone better than you for me )

tumhari mohabbat……..

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